What Should You Know About Car Denting and Painting?

by | Oct 20, 2022

Who does not like their car to be neat, shiny, clean, and looking as good as new? We know; everyone does! And the key to ensuring your vehicle looks flawless is caring for it. One thing that hurts your heart is to find pesky scratches and dents on your car. But don’t worry! A quick job of painting and denting can magically make all these marks disappear, bringing a new glow to your car.

Indian roads have some of the craziest traffic, so no matter how careful you are, you might end up with dents and scratches in your car. Your car is also vulnerable to scratches caused during parking, which can also scratch off the paint, giving an uneven look. So what are you waiting for? Fixcraft’s car denting and painting comes to your rescue! But what exactly is this method, and what does it do?




Denting is a technique that resolves any unevenness or deformity on the surface of your car. It ensures everything is even, and the surface of your car is not pressed or bulged. 


When your car experiences a mishap or accident, a collision can leave behind a visible dent on your car which can even be massive and spotted from afar. You can try the widespread DIYs available on the internet, but if you do not have the correct tools or technical knowledge to correct the dent, you might make it much worse! 


The most common DIY online is using a plunger section. But the truth is that pushing down the plunger can create a more significant dent than removing them. Only a proper electronic dent puller can give the ideal strength to remove the mark from your car’s body in the best way. 

Also, the heating technique with a hot glue gun can ruin your car’s body for life. Metal heating can only bring part of the dent to its original shape, as metals return to their actual dent. This method only works with Phiber plastic parts.


When car dent repair is performed under the hands of expert professional technicians of Fixcraft, you cannot even figure out if your car ever had a dent.




If your vehicle’s colour or the coating has worn out due to scratches or a collision, painting your car is the best way; some people might even want to paint their vehicle a brand-new colour. 

Before going on with the painting process, it is ideal to ensure that you find the right texture, colour and contrast, so it goes well with the other parts. Car painting is a 10-step process involving several applications and drying for various coats of paint. 


At Fixcraft, new paint is not directly applied to the old stains of your car, as it can hinder the smooth application of the fresh paint. Once all the dents are made, the car’s whole body is levelled with a body filler and a matching surface for optimal paint addition. Then a base coat of the same colour is spray-painted for maximum stay.


Benefits of Denting and Painting Your Car


It’s a misconception that repainting your car can reduce its value! But the truth is that painting your car increases the value of your vehicle and keeps it good as new. Apart from adding value, painting helps protect the body from environmental aggressions like dust, moisture, and sunlight, thus preventing rust or corrosion.


Car denting is not cheap; you are expected to pay Rs 3,000 to Rs 9,000. PDR technique is affordable and cost-effective compared to traditional methods depending on specialist skills.

The procedure takes less than a day, so you do not have to wait for your car to be delivered to you for a long time. The car denting process uses eco-friendly materials, so there are no toxic chemical fillers that can cause havoc to the environment.




Proper servicing, painting, and denting can increase your car’s life longevity while being pocket-friendly. Ignoring the tiny scratches and dents in the initial stage can worsen in the long run, creating added problems as well. The ideal option is to take your car for a professional denting and painting treatment for a clean, neat, scratch-free vehicle that looks good as new.


Fixcraft offers world-class car painting and denting services, and well-managed service centres with the professional and latest equipment in Bangalore, Faridabad, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Pune, and Delhi NCR. 


Fixcraft’s highly trained professionals ensure that any car dent and minor damage is professionally taken care of in a wink. Fixcraft is a one-stop shop for all your car needs, providing several solutions like periodic services, car AC services, deep car cleaning, car detailing, complete body restoration, insurance claims, and much more. Check out Fixcraft’s car dent repair services near you today!