Diagnosing Car AC Problems | Top 5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Car AC Repair

by | Mar 30, 2022

Summers are right around the corner and it’s high time to have a close look at your car’s air conditioning system. Needless to mention, car AC is arguably the most important element that acts as a saviour while you drive around in the scorching summers. However, after an entire winter season through which your car’s AC was not functional, you might as well encounter some fundamental issues with it. Hence, before the summers set in with full intensity, it is imperative that you check your car’s air conditioning system and if required, you must undergo a detailed car AC repair. In this blog post, we will give you a clear understanding of how to diagnose car AC problems and suggest the best practices related to car AC maintenance and car AC repair. In fact, this involves one of the most important and basic car maintenance activities to prepare for your next road trip


Top 5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Car AC Repair 

Needless to mention, you must immediately go for a car AC repair if your car’s air conditioning system is not working at all. However, before the situation worsens to that extent, you must also look out for some basic indications that hint towards an immediate car AC repair. These will help you address the issues before there is a potential requirement of replacing your car’s air conditioning system altogether.

  • Damaged cooling fans is one of the most common reasons why your car’s air conditioning system stops working. There are several potential reasons why the cooling fans might have been damaged. These include – micro-cracks in the fan blades, damaged fuses, electrical shorts, etc. Any of these reasons can damage the cooling fans, as a result of the vents inside your car will not release cool air. 
  • Compressors ensure that the AC’s refrigerant circulates and eventually delivers cool air through the vents inside your car. However, if the compressors get damaged, depending on their final position, your car’s AC will either remain continuously switched on or will not work at all. In either case, you must go for a car AC repair at the earliest. Compressors usually get damaged when you do not use the AC for a long period. For example, you might not need it during the winters, and while it remains dysfunctional, the compressors might get damaged due to non-usage for extended periods. 
  • Refrigerant leaks are yet another common problem due to which your car’s AC might not be working. As your car begins to age, there are chances that the rubber seals or hoses within your car’s air conditioning system might start to break down, thus leading to refrigerant leaks. Hence, it is important to undergo periodic car AC maintenance, particularly as your car gets older.
  • Electrical short circuits, damaged capacitors, damaged control modules, failed fuses, etc. are a few other common reasons why your car’s air conditioning system might not be working. These issues are fairly simple to address. However, it is important to note that, if prolonged, such issues can lead to acid buildup and eventually cause irreversible damage to your car’s air conditioning system. Hence, as soon as you start to notice minute issues with the air conditioning system, you must go for a car AC repair and get these issues fixed immediately. 
  • Your car’s air conditioning system is primarily driven by a condenser that sucks in the humid air, depressurizes it and eventually feeds cool air that gets delivered through the vents inside your car. If this system does not work properly, the car’s AC will not work. Hence, a damaged condenser is a potential reason why your car’s AC is not working properly. 


Ending Note 

Now that you have an idea about the top 5 signs indicating that you have a damaged air conditioning system, we suggest you immediately act upon these in case you encounter any such issues. It is important to note that your car’s air conditioning system is extremely sensitive and delicate, the reason why you should only get it repaired by professional and reputed car AC mechanics. In case you are searching for “car air conditioner repair near me”, look no further than Fixcraft. 

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