The Fixcraft Car Detailing Guide | How to Successfully Detail a Car

by | Oct 20, 2022

Who doesn’t like cool cars? But it is completely up to you to keep the car in superior shape for a long period. This is where you come across the term car detailing. Buying an automobile is a financial and emotional involvement. However, they are useful items that can serve a long time if treated well during their lifetime. 


When you purchase a car, you will not only be investing a financial amount but also expecting service of some years apart from the time you put in to make it look interesting. The car owner or the driver will have the car personally designed for an aesthetic taste. Here is where detailing comes to play. 


A Brief Discussion On Car Detailing


Car detailing is a distinct art of tidying up the interior and exterior of the car and making it look new once again. It may often require advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools to achieve the desired outcome. It is nothing like regular car cleaning or even like a car wash. This is why you may need to search for ‘car detailing near me’. 


While the primary goal is to bring aesthetics back to their original form, the idea of detailing a car is much more vibrant. For a car to stay in a decent state for usage, you need to take it for detailing services for cars once in a while. This is even more crucial for cars you take out driving regularly. 


Natural deterrents such as UV rays, industrial dust and powder, acid rain, bird droppings, tree gum, weather erosion, and many more can be attested as reasons for getting car detailing done immediately. Unfortunately, they can cause irreparable damage to the car, both externally and internally. 


Car engine parts, spark plugs, and other sensitive components of the car are highly susceptible to damage from the natural causes mentioned earlier. This is why you may need car detailing services to guide you in the matter. Your need for detailing the car depends on your usage. Also, the geographical perimeter determines the correct time to get detailing done to the car. 


What Services May Fall Under Car Detailing?

The process of Car Detailing combines the cleaning and detailing of the interior and exterior of your car. This cleaning and detailing have different layers to it. The number of services that can fall under car detailing is discussed below. 


Vacuuming The Interior 


The most crucial part of interior car detailing is cleaning the entire car interior using a vacuum cleaner. Every corner of the car, even the AC vents, is cleaned up during this process. 


Cleaning & Brushing


Certain portions of the car can be taken out for scrubbing and overall clearing purposes, like the mats or the upholstery. In the case of leather material, it is important to clean it with a special leather cleaner and then polish it to retain the natural gloss of leather and save it from damage. 


Cleaning All The Glass Items


Many glass components can be seen in a car. The driver needs to be to see clearly while driving through traffic or rough terrain. This is why it is even more important to keep the glasses clean, especially, the windows, windshield, and rearview mirrors. Cleaning the glasses and windowsill can give the car some of its glamour back. 


Washing The Whole Car


Unlike car interior detailing, the exterior detailing process involves a complete car wash. In this case, a ph-neutral shampoo is used on the car’s surface to rinse any dirt or mud but no scratches. 


Claying The Surface


If the car has a few discolored patches on the surface from accidents or other reasons, it can be repaired through claying. First, you will need a paint job to color the patches and proceed with the clay bar. The clay bar can remove dirt and other particles with regular detergents after the first washing phase. 


Polishing & Rubbing


Car polishing only begins after the car cleaning process has been concluded. In the case of polishing, the original color of the car’s surface is removed completely before the polishing starts. After removing the paint, the car surface is covered with a new protective wax coat that is either applied manually or by other machines collected for this specific job. The process is popularly known as car sealing. The wax offers a showroom finish to your car with a glossy and smooth surface. 


Lights & Misc


When driving on the road, car lights play a major role in guiding drivers to safety, especially in bad weather or night times. Hence, by cleaning the headlights and taillights, you can make them brighter enough for others to see you on the road. After the lights are polished, they are mostly sealed with a plastic sealant. 




The art of car detailing is precious to the car owner. After you buy a car, they become an integral part of your life. Caring for the car becomes as natural as caring for your loved ones. In return, the car provides a gateway for you to travel freely. For more details, Fixcraft and its team of experts can be contacted!