Step-by-Step Guidance for Car Tyre Replacement

by | Oct 20, 2022

Driving a vehicle is a task you may or may not like but owning a car comes with certain responsibilities. For starters, it is essential to know all about one’s car tyre price, size, and type as much as they need to know about paint and repairing. However, a car is a whole deal, and as its owner, you must take matters into your own hands pretty often. 


Vehicle owners are required to know about their car in case it breaks down at a remote location, and they have to get it running until they see a mechanical shop nearby. In addition, flat tyres are pretty natural, and they strike anytime. Thus, drivers must know a few basic things about car repair. 


Tyre changing is an art and not that difficult if you just know how to change a car tyre in the first place. It neither requires strength nor big brains unless it is a huge vehicle such as a truck. This learned skill is a low-hanging fruit that anybody can acquire with the correct teachings. 


Steps to Changing a Car Tyre


Changing a flat tyre is not a tough job, but you must maintain a few things to get optimal results. Certain steps are to be followed to get the best results, and we have presented seven for you. 


Step 1


For starters, you will need to get the car to safety to change the tyres. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you will certainly not repair it in the middle of the street. So you will either look for a car tyre change near me or get it to a safe space first to look at the damage yourself. 


Step 2


Once you get the vehicle to a safe spot, you must park it properly. Keep the handbrakes in the highest position to stabilise the car during your tyre-changing process. The parking lights indicate that other drivers take notice of your situation and either provide help or give you the space and time to fix the problem. 


Step 3 


For tyre replacement, you will need to remove the wheel cover first. Even before that, the wheels are to be secured with wheel wedges. You can read in the manual how to remove the cover. 


Step 4


The lug nuts must be loosened before the jack picks up the car. Otherwise, the wheel keeps spinning, making it difficult to proceed with the car tyre change. However, they are to be loosened only halfway. 


Step 5


The jack has to be placed at the jacking point. It can be found under the car. Once the jack is in place, you must set the small wooden plank. This wooden board helps the vehicle to stay in position when you change the tyres. 


Step 6


Using the jack, you will need to lift the wheel to a certain length, from where it is easier to proceed with car tyre replacement. Next, completely loosen the lugs and nuts to remove the faulty tyre. Finally, replace the tyre with a new one. 


Step 7


Once the tyre is replaced, you must replace the wheel cover. Screw the lugs and nuts back in place once you are done with the tyres, and the car is good to roll. 


Tools Required In The Process Of Car Tyre Changing


Before we get into the details of changing a car tyre, we need to learn about the tools used in the process. Acquiring the tools should not be challenging, as most will be allotted when purchasing the car. However, some tools you may need to obtain separately can make the task of changing types easier to a great degree. 


Car Manual


The owner will have a car manual tucked away somewhere, provided to them, at the time of the purchase. Reading manuals can be boring; however, they are loaded with information. For example, it will have a section dedicated to a car tyre change. In this manual, you will learn about the technique and specific tools required for changing the tyres of a particular car model. 


Lug Wrench


The lug wrench is an item that is used in changing car tyres. There are different sizes of lug wrenches that are used for tightening and loosening lug nuts of different sizes placed over the wheel. The different sizes of wrenches include nut sockets, double-sided, X-shaped, L-shaped, etc. 


Spare Tyre


And, of course, you will need a spare tyre to replace the faulty one. Mostly, the car comes with an extra tyre or two, which can be used for a car tyre replacement. It is vital to keep a tyre stock ready if you suspect any issue in the near future.




Jacks are a type of tool that is used for lifting the car just enough for you to change the faulty tyre. The majority of car companies provide a jack when selling a brand-new vehicle. However, Jacks are also of different types; hence the company should give the right one. 




There are some other instruments that you may need to procure all by yourself. This list includes a flashlight, a small 2×6 inches wooden board, gloves, wheel wedges etc. The wooden plank is for holding the jack in place. Wheel wedges are crucial for road emergencies, especially in hilly areas where the car has a chance of sliding off. You will need to be aware of the car tyre price for a new tyre.