How to Make Car Insurance Claim – Step-by-step Guide

by | Dec 28, 2021

Accidents are unwelcome. Despite being a good driver, you may meet with an accident anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is important to get insured by a reliable insurance company. It is the best financial support at this difficult time. But, an insurance claim is an immediate action that you need to perform immediately after the accident.

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What is an Insurance Claim?

The insurance claim is a request that a policyholder makes to the company for the compensation of the damages incurred by the car. The compensation will be made as per the coverage policy that is guaranteed to provide the policyholder under the insurance agreement.

Insurance claims can be made in two ways; cashless manner or reimbursement manner. When a policyholder takes their car to the service center partnered with the insurance company, the company pays the entire amount of the expenses directly to the car repairing center. Cashless is the most convenient claim process that Fixcraft provides to its partners across all its facilities.

In another case, when the policyholder gets their car repaired outside, then the policyholder has to bear the expenses themselves and then the insurance company will later reimburse based on the bills.

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Documents Required For Insurance Claim Process

The car insurance claim process requires certain documents that are to be submitted by the policyholder in order to receive the insurance claim or reimbursement or payments. Following are the documents that need to get prepared for the insurance claim process.

  • Copy of the Insurance Agreement
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the Car
  • First Information Report (FIR) filed in the police station

Additional Documents Required in Case of Reimbursement

  • A brief estimate of repair expenses
  • Medical reports in case of physical injury
  • Original records of other expenses

These are the necessary car insurance claim documents that are required to get reimbursement for the damages.

6 Step Guide For Car Insurance Claim Process

The car claim insurance process requires a careful understanding to maximize the benefits of the insurance policy. An insurance claim is a simple process if all your documentaries are completed. If your insurer finds your paperwork genuine, they will reimburse the amount quickly after the inspection.

Whenever you face this unpleasant situation, the first name that should come to your mind is Fixcraft. We are a leading car denting and painting service provider in India offering end-to-end claim assistance with speedy approvals. Here is the step-by-step guide for a successful car insurance claim.

Step 1- Inform Your Insurance Company

After ensuring all are safe, your immediate action is to inform your car insurance company about the incident that happened to you. As the timeline is restricted, you need to file a claim within seven working days without fail. Otherwise, your claim settlement period will be considered lapsed. Claim process can be a daunting task as there is a lot to do. From submitting documents to regular follow up, it can take upto weeks or months to get reimbursed.

When you partner with Fixcraft, you get complete peace. Our expert claim processing team will handle everything in coordination with the insurance company.

Step 2- File an FIR in the Police Station

Make sure to inform the police about the incident and file an FIR for the further car insurance claim process. It can be avoided in case of small scratches and dents, but it is a must if there is any physical injury or third-party accidents. The police will visit the spot for the investigation and identify the faults. This record will help you to get the insurance claim.

Step 3- Take Pictures

In such cases, capturing the scene of the incident can be helpful for a car insurance claim. You can snap the photographs of the car damages and bodily injury to serve as valid proof to the insurance company.

Step 4- Submit the Documents to the Insurance Company

The next step is to submit all the necessary documents to the insurer to claim the insurance. The insurance claim process includes all the aforementioned documents including the pictures you have taken.

It is a complicated task which can become stressful if you’ve never gone through the same. At Fixcraft, we have got you covered with complete denting and painting services along with in-house claim management. You just handover your vehicle to us and our professional team will manage everything from document submission, follow ups to reimbursement.

Step 5- Investigator Will Reach You to Examine the Incident

After all the documents are submitted, the insurance company will send a surveyor to begin with the investigation process. The investigator will examine the entire incident and proceed with the car insurance claim process. The investigator can reach the garage in case of a cashless claim settlement. The survey will typically take two or three working days to initiate the car insurance claim.

Step 6- Get Your Car Repair

At this stage, get your damaged car repaired at the service center that comes under your insurance agreement or the outside. If you prefer the cashless claim, you do not bear the expenses of the repair, and the insurance company will directly pay the car repair center. Fixcraft is a complete solution for your car needs, from car repairing, denting, and painting, insurance claim assistance to free pick up and drop facilities. You do not need to worry about anything, as we are here to serve you in your hard time.

In case you want reimbursement for the damages that happen to your car, you need to submit all the documents along with original repair bills, medical reports, photographs and other required documents to the insurance company and the company will reimburse you if they find it genuine.

Accidents are the most unpleasant things that happen. It can worsen with the tasks involved with the insurance claim process. We are at Fixcraft, proud to be a one-stop shop for all car maintenance and repair. In addition to comprehensive denting and painting services, we provide peace of mind with cashless insurance processing. You just leave your vehicle at our facility and our expert team will manage everything from documentation to reimbursement.

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