How to Avail the Best Car Service at the Doorstep in Bangalore

by | Oct 20, 2022

If you need to deal with any car troubles or spoil your car with one of the best car services in Bangalore, look no further than Fixcraft! We provide a one-stop pit stop for everything and anything your car needs! To give you a brief insight, here is a detailed description of the various services available at our car service centre. 

Services Offered At Fixcraft Bangalore 

Denting / Painting

Our denting and painting services include a seven-step process:

  • Dent removal – During this process, any dense or removed using electronic didn’t pullers, which ensures the strength of the metal is retained while removing it effectively.
  • Grinding metal parts – the dented panels are then ground after the removal to remove any leftovers left behind when using the dent puller.
  • Application of body filler – body filler is applied to the impacted side to ensure that the shape of the panel is restored to its original shape. It is allowed to cure for some hours and is then sanded to perfection.
  • Surfacer/primer – 2K primer coat is applied all over the panel after the body filler is cured. This is a base to give flawless paint application and protection against rust.
  • Paint masking – all the parts which need not be painted are masked with industry-grade brown paper to provide a clean paint application.
  • Finally, two coats of base paint and two coats of clear paint with the combination of partner, painters and dinner are mixed and applied using spray guns. The car is then cured in a booth with heaters.
  • Polishing – once the paint is cured, The panels are standard once again with sandpaper to remove any leftover paint and unwanted particles and are coated with a layer of polish to give a factory finish.

Deep Interior Cleaning

There are two types of deep cleaning packages available in our Bangalore service center:

Regular deep cleaning:

Regular deep cleaning takes about six hours. The service effectively removes dust from all the corners of your cars and restores the upholstery and the plastic parts to remove any unwanted discolouration or odour.

The internal cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning the seat, roof, sunroof, side panels, floor, and a foam wash
  • Dry vacuuming the seat, floor and roof
  • Dressing the dashboard
  • Cleaning as well as polishing all interior plastic parts and glasses

Disinfection with bio shield:

Disinfection with bio shield takes just one hour and gives instant freshness and cleansing while combating any residue. It removes both inorganic and organic particles from carpets, upholstery and surfaces.

It also includes:

  • External and internal sanitisation
  • Disinfection of the car by eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Cleaning all air-conditioning vents and air-conditioning ducts


The harsh UV rays, industrial powder, erosion, tree gum and bird droppings can ruin the overall outlook of your car. Our detailing services include tail light cleansing along with complete exterior detailing, interior vacuum and detailing, headlight cleaning and detailing, wheel and alloy detailing, and engine detailing.

AC Service And Repair 

We have three different car AC service packages in Bangalore:

Basic AC Service: The primary AC service takes four hours and is ideal to book if the AC is not cooling enough to make noises. This service includes cleaning the AC filter and condenser and topping up AC gas.

Advanced AC Service: The advanced AC service takes up to 8 hours. It is to service your AC if it is not cooling at all or if there is a bad smell coming out of your AC when it is switched on. This service includes 200 ML of compressor oil top up, AC gas replacement, AC vent and condenser cleaning, and removing dashboard and refitting/AC leak test.

AC Evaporator Cleaning: AC evaporator cleaning includes disinfecting and cleaning the AC evaporator and removing pollen and dirt. This service provides vacuum and air pressure cleaning, enhancing the AC evaporator‘s life and disinfecting it.

Along with the services, we also offer regular periodic service, tire replacement, battery replacement, and paint protection.

Why is it important to service your car regularly? 


Let us draw a cliché relationship between cars and people. One has to get a regular clinical examination to ensure that the body is functioning correctly while detecting any malfunction or disease early. Just like that, getting your car serviced now ensures road safety and security. It also helps avoid damages and fatalities, as regular service includes detecting your suspension, tires, steering system, fluid levels and braking system.

Higher Resale Value

You can get a higher resale value for your car with a proper car service history. A car is expensive, so you must treat it like an investment and maintain it. Ensure your vehicle’s outer look and functioning is intact, so your car catches a good value when you decide to sell it.


Servicing your car regularly can save money, time and fuel. With environmental degradation and high fuel prices, you must choose a path that reduces fuel consumption. An optimal car maintenance schedule gives you high mileage while keeping expensive damages at bay. i.e.: Engine malfunctioning due to lack of oiling.


Nothing beats a professional car service, and to get the best car service in Bangalore, visit Fixcraft. Today!

Our car service centre in Bangalore offers various services like denting and painting, car AC service, tire replacement, deep car cleaning, paint protection, battery replacement, car detailing, insurance claims and periodic services. You can get a free estimate by sending us your details.

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